Mediated World: A podcast about technology's effect on us

Mediated World: A podcast about technology's effect on us
Photo by Dennis Brekke / Unsplash

This week I'm releasing episode one of my new podcast, Mediated World. It's a show about how technology, and generative AI more specifically, is mediating more of our relationships with others.  

The field of Computer-Mediated Communication has been around for decades. But, with the emergence of artificial intelligence, a new research niche in AI-mediated communication is growing. When computers first started mediating communication between humans, it notably changed society. Yet, we knew we were talking to another human. Now, with generative AI, communication is not always created by another human. People may use AI's to assist them in communicating or have the AI communicate solely on their behalf.

The effect of this mediation is relatively unknown. But there's a growing cohort of researchers digging in. I'll use this show to highlight the latest studies and experts in the field.

In this first episode, I talk with Dr. Maria Aretoulaki, Head of Voice & Conversational AI at GlobalLogic, a Hitachi Group Company. Dr. Aretoulaki’s work mainly involves call center automation, voicebots, voice assistants, and chatbots. While she believes there are many positive applications for AI, we must also pay attention to the downsides. She offers her thoughts on how we should all navigate this new technology – within our personal and professional lives. I think you’ll enjoy the conversation.

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