This page is inspired by Derek Sivers and his idea of a Now page.

Updated on April 13, 2023.

Coming into the spring and summer season, I'm noticing more how quickly time changes. As my kids keep growing, the reality of how little time we have becomes more prescient.

I came into this year thinking about several dimensions of life and how I could improve or mature them: physical health, financial health, relationship to work; being a parent, a partner, a son, a brother. I can't focus on it all, but I'm doing my best to stay aware and honest with myself in each area.

I haven't written much publicly. I struggle with letting perfect be the enemy of done. I haven't fully embraced the truth that the main point of writing is to wrestle with your own thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. This blog isn't really for you. It's for me.

As a reminder, the site is 100% organic and all-natural. I plan to keep the site as simple as possible out of respect for the Indie Web and my desire to spend as little money maintaining it as possible. As such, you'll probably find Unintentional Errors™ (which would be a great band name).